ITG® Consultants, INC.


ITG® Consultants, Inc. is a Veteran Owned Small Business, based in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States. We provide a variety of training, consulting and security management services as they relate to security programs pertaining to executive and high risk environment security operations. Three business groups, Training, Consulting and Operations have been established to provide structure for all corporate operations and to serve our clients.

Experience Matters

At ITG® we recognize that there are competitors who offer similar Executive Security Assessment Programs under various trade names. However, our staff of professional consultants uses a proven methodology, compiled from over seventy years of experience with protective security operations, ranging from single agent/negligible threat environments to that of Heads of State level, supervising literally hundreds of security agents and complex security functions. We have collectively conducted PSVA®s in varied threat environments on a global basis, including for Heads of State and in High Risk Environments. Our strengths lie in two main areas: (1) With the varied backgrounds of our staff, we’ve seen more than one approach to security problems and have personal experience with what works and what doesn’t; (2) When hiring ITG® you are not just hiring an individual, but rather obtaining the services of a corporation that has a collective support process for both its consultants and its clients. These aspects combine to provide our clients with the best, most cost effective and efficient solutions that can be found in the security market place today.

Telephone (866) 904-4ITG (4484) - Facsimile 888.830.8123