ITG® Consultants, INC.



ITG® CONSULTANTS, INC. jealously protects the confidentiality of its clients, their identities, and the services that they require. Unlike our competitors, we do not publish client lists or utilize our client’s names on our website, in our marketing materials, or during our discussions with prospective customers. Every relationship we have been privileged to enter into is guarded by a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA), a legal document which we take very seriously. At ITG® we feel strongly about the word “Integrity” being truly representative of all our business dealings. More than just a catchy word on our logo, it is one of the core values which we utilize daily as a guiding force of our company. The leaders of ITG® have come together to form this company due in large part to our desire to bring the levels of integrity to the private sector security industry that we feel it deserves. We protect our clients’ confidentiality with the same levels of professionalism, dedication, and teamwork that we employ to protect their personnel, assets, and bottom line.


Also in stark contrast to our competitors, ITG® does not provide references to prospective customers until several other orders of business have been accomplished. First, we always desire to conduct a needs analysis in order to ensure that we fully understand the security issues, challenges, and history of a prospective client. Then, if we believe we can provide the solutions to those issues and challenges, we enter into an MNDA so that both parties are assured their confidentiality will be protected. Only after the needs analysis has been conducted and the MNDA completed will we make specific, realistic, cost-effective recommendations as to how we might be able to fulfill the prospective client’s needs. At this point, we would seek permission from selected clients, who have previously utilized the same or similar services, to use them as references and will do so only if permission is granted. By strictly adhering to these procedures we continue to ensure the strict confidentiality of our existing clients and the services they have utilized, while also providing our future customers with the information and references they require to make an informed decision regarding the services of ITG® CONSULTANTS, INC.

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