ITG® Consultants, INC.

Gale R. Ericksen

Vice President, Consulting Services

Mr. Ericksen provides executive leadership to the consulting business group and is responsible for the oversight of all consulting projects and Personal Security Vulnerability Assessments. He also serves as a Senior Instructor and Subject Matter Expert in the training programs provided by The International Training Group®.

Over his twenty-five years experience of international law enforcement, executive & dignitary protection and training, Mr. Ericksen has coordinated Presidential, Cabinet, Ambassadorial, and Senior Executive level protection details. Mr. Ericksen has served in all capacities on Executive Protection Details from; Advance Security Agent, Follow Car Driver, Close-in Protection Agent, Command Post Agent, Personal Security Officer, Detail Leader and Director of Presidential Security Operations for national and foreign dignitaries, VIPs and a Head-of-State.

Most recently, Mr. Ericksen has performed personal security missions for corporate executives, their family members and Hollywood celebrities on three different continents, in varied threat environments. Mr. Ericksen also provided protection for jewels valued at approximately 20 million dollars, belonging to a world-renowned and haute couture designer at an international event in Shanghai, China.

Mr. Ericksen joined The Presidential Protection Unit (PPU), Haiti in 1998 and served at every leadership level on this complex and demanding high threat protective operation. As the Director of Presidential Security Operations, Mr. Ericksen was responsible for the in-country oversight of contract obligations with the Government of Haiti, as well as daily operations of both the protection team and the Presidential Security Training Team (PSTT), providing entry level and in-service training programs for Haiti’s law enforcement agents assigned to their internal Presidential Security Unit for both inner and outer cordon security forces.

In 2004, Mr. Ericksen performed operational and contractual management duties in the Middle East to include, Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq. He managed oversight of contractual compliancy and provided operational knowledge and experience to security protective teams in Iraq. In 2005, Mr. Ericksen served as Operations Manager for a private sector detail of 120 agents in New Orleans, LA in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, providing security and life support services to clients, and was able to establish that operation five days before the US Government’s Federal Emergency Management Agency was able to establish a presence in that region.

After service in the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division Command (CID), Mr. Ericksen worked with protection details in Bosnia & Herzegovina, for the U.S. appointed Ambassador to the Organization for Security & Cooperation, Europe (OSCE). The OSCE Ambassador was responsible for coordinating the electoral process for the formerly warring regions of Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska.

Mr. Ericksen served in the U.S. Army for over twelve years, in the Military Police Corps and CID, as a Special Agent. He was responsible for conducting felony criminal investigations, personal security vulnerability assessments, and providing personal protection to cabinet level and senior military officials within the U.S. Government and visiting dignitaries. He served as a primary unit trainer, 526th Military Police Detachment, Fort Greely, Alaska; Division Physical Security Manager, 6th Infantry Division, Fort Greely, Alaska; Chief, Criminal Investigative Support (CIS), Hawaii District Office, 6th Region, USACID, and District Training Officer, Hawaii District, 6th Region, USACID.

Mr. Ericksen is a graduate of Central Texas University, with a degree in Law Enforcement, the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation School, Warrant Officer Candidate School and Warrant Officer Leadership Course. Mr. Ericksen has received additional training and experience in Hostage Negotiation, Crime Scene Examination, Advanced Fraud Investigation, Advanced Techniques of Interview and Interrogation, Counter Narcotics Operations, Unit Training Officer, Physical Security Operations, Protective Services Training and Evasive Driving.

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