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  Link   ASIS International international
ASIS International is the largest organization advancing the security profession worldwide...
  Link   Bujinkan San Francisco Dojo
Provides ongoing training and specialized programs suitable for executive protection, law enforcement and military personnel, with a range of application from restraint/control to lethal. Many members are ITG Alumni and some of our favorite people.
  Link   CCW Breakaways
The patented CCW Breakaways process and products are game-changers in the arm’s length self-defense conflict. The “normal-looking” concealed carry clothing has unique built-in and disguised holster-pockets having enlargeable “breakaway” openings which enable:
  • the One-Handed Faster-Than-Holster Draw Method (0.66 seconds deployment)
  • the Deepest Concealment (below the hip line-of-flexure)
  • the Most Comfortable Carry system (no pinching or binding)
CQB City
  Link   Code Red!
The only radio and webcast television show specifically dedicated to personal security, safety and emergency preparedness issues worldwide!
  Link   Command Post
Our goal is to offer links that will benefit professional Executive Protection agents operating or performing command post functions. Hopefully, you will only have to remember one web address to fulfill all of your command post needs.
Link CQB City
The Worlds Largest Indoor Airsoft Arena located in Stockton, CA. Their facility is so advanced, that many Law Enforcement and Government Agencies have made CQB City their home training location.
CQB City
Link Gray Ops FireArms Speciality Training
We know these folks and can attest to the fact that they provide excellent and safe firearms training programs from the coaching and mentoring standpoint. You will not be disappointed if you choose to train with them. Gray Ops is focused on proving high-quality tactical firearms training with student satisfaction – they will do everything they can to meet or exceed your expectations. All of their instructors have law enforcement backgrounds with SWAT experience. Several instructors have Executive / Dignitary Protection experience that relates directly to firearms training. Learn from cutting edge trainers. Looking for a basic handgun or carbine training course to increase your skills in order to attend an advanced handgun course within the executive protection arena? Gray Ops will prepare you to be proficient in basic marksmanship, weapons handling and the safety skills required. We’ll provide you with up to date skill sets for you to excel in safely handling firearms related to the EP environment. We’ll update your handgun/carbine qualification and provide you with the documentation you’ll need. Gray Ops offers small classes, with a minimum of a 1 to 5 instructor/student ratio to provide the most of their experience. You will not get lost in a crowd. With a variety of classes to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the training, advice, and camaraderie you’ll receive. Contact them today.
  Link   Integrated Security Solutions
Integrated Security Solutions (ISS) is a designer, installer and systems integrator for large scale or custom applications access controll, Intrusion Dection and CCTV applications. ISS is ITG's preferred provider of these services.
  Link   The National Rifle Association
The nation's premier source of information pertaining to firearms and related legal aspects. The NRA's Law Enforcement Division has certifed our weapons training programs.
  Link   The Protective Security Council international
The PSC exists to satisfy the need of security professionals for high-level, in-depth information about the strategies, tactics, and tools for protecting people – all the people: from the boardroom to the mailroom, from down the hall to around the world; at every level and location. In this context, the term people, refers to all organization stakeholders: employees, suppliers, stockholders, customers, and communities.

Here’s a website that contains very useful information for those who’s duties require driving from the security perspective.  Be sure to sign up for their newsletter – it always contains valid information.


Tony Scotti’s Vehicle Dynamics Institute
Among the nation’s most effective driving training. If you want to learn more about vehicle dynamics then these are the people to seek out.


TREXPO is the nation's most recognizable exposition for tactical response equipment, technology and services for law enforcement, military, security and federal agencies.  Professional development seminars and networking opportunities are outstanding.


Varro Press
Varro Press is the leading publisher of professional books pertaining to the law enforcement and security communities within the United States today.
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