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'ADVANCE: The Guide For Conducting A Protective Security Advance' is an essential handbook for both new and seasoned protective service agents.

Conducting an advance is the most important function performed by the protective services agent. Done properly, the advance will, in effect, render the role of the protection agent to that of accompanying the principal.

Applying the principle of "creating a deterrent" to the tasks required to protect someone else, the advance will dictate to the protection agent which security measures will be employed and the extent of the resources needed for every aspect of the protection mission.

'ADVANCE: The Guide For Conducting A Protective Security Advance' by David L. Johnson provides the protection agent with comprehensive and detailed guidelines for scaling up or down protective missions ranging from daily trips to and from the office to international travel to high-risk destinations.

It covers every aspect and detail of an advance:

  • General considerations for every type of mission.
  • Measures taken prior to leaving the office.
  • Conducting on-site advances.
  • Measures taken during the execution of the mission.

It also contains valuable and essential supplementary material such as guidelines for establishing a Command Post, and a Protective Operation Checklist & Briefing Guide that can be customized for any protective mission.

Written in a lively style laced with extensive anecdotes gained from 30 years of running protective operations ranging from high to low risk environments, the author is able to explain the detailed practical elements of conducting an advance and then illustrate them with real life mission experiences.

Principal Protection; Lessons Learned

Protection, like any other process, is evolutionary. And we should agree that a large part of any evolutionary process is failure, which is another way of saying “learning through our mistakes."

As the title suggests, this book is about the lessons learned through several thousand years of trial-and-error, creating and adopting best-practices, striving to provide protection for persons of public interest and others at risk.

Originally developed as a companion text supporting professional courses in protective operations, Principal Protection; Lessons Learned can be a valuable reference for all specialists and managers employed in the protection field, to help them enhance and add value to their own vulnerability assessments, protective operations, and human security management.

Far from being another "how-to" book on protection, it is more of a "why-to". Principal Protection; Lessons Learned goes far beyond the reactionary skills highlighted in other texts, and provides the reader/practitioner with a wealth of applicable information and knowledge that has been acquired through the experience of protection professionals for several millennia.

Finally, a book for both public and private sector protection professionals who are required to manage protective operations with a minimum of headcount and budget, in an increasingly complex and demanding environment.

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